Defenestrate v. To eject or throw someone or something from a window; To stop using the Windows operating system.

The guys from IfIHadaHifi put together great videos. We collect them. The newest one “Defenestrate Me” is their fifth video from the Fame By Proxy record, a raucous, piss-and-vinegar noise rock trip of an album. Drummer DJ Hostettler checks in with F-b about HiFi’s latest a.v. offering.

F-b: Is this death-by-throwing-someone-out-a-window music?

DJ: Well, maybe not death, per se, since the lyric is “Defenestrate me and I promise I’ll survive.” It’s about someone who is a bald-faced liar and a douchebag and keeps getting away with it, even though everyone knows he’s a liar and a douchebag. “I’m going to keep lying and deceiving you–try to stop me.” I was inspired by George W. Bush and his amazing teflon Presidency…not that you could tell from the obtuse lyrics.

F-b: I feel like this video should be louder. Do you feel artistically limited by the video medium due to its volume constraints?

DJ: We actually asked the fine people at Silver Sonya, who mastered the album, to not cave in to the so-called “volume wars” and master everything in the red, the way all albums are mastered these days. As much as we love volume and noise, we thought the volume would be more effective if it sometimes, ya know, actually was quieter. But nothing’s stopping you from buying a louder stereo and pumping your computer through it, are they? Well, the recession is I suppose…

F-b: How did you get to working with director Jack Packard?

DJ: Jack plays in the excellent local band King’s Horses and is one of the people behind Almost Twins, the team that puts together the amazing “High-Five” videos on One of his bandmates is Slater from White Wrench Conservatory, which also contains our pal Dixie Jacobs, who lent backup vocals to “Defenestrate Me” (among other songs on the record) and lives with our bassist, the Fucking Wizard. Jack’s part of our extended family. Our extended, incestuous everyone-knows-everyone Milwaukee family. I think the next band formed by our crew of pals is going to be called “Jim Henson’s Flipper
Babies,” actually.



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