The Sleep Tight Co. and The Naming of Things


photo by Joe Kirschling

photo by Joe Kirschling

Words by Erin Wolf

Sleep Tight Co. knows a thing or two about the naming of things: their songs  embody the lighthearted pop sounds they create. Aaron Spransy, guitarist/singer and co-founder of the group, talks to Fan-belt about names in the advent of their show tonight at the Cactus Club, unwittingly revealing the shadow that inevitably follows (and forms)  all musicians through monikers and christenings. 

”Everything Swimmingly”, Sleep Tight Co. (demo)

What are your names?

Aaron Spransy, Cathy Kolb, Bob Gaszak, Andrew Hartzell

Name three perishable items you’ve written about.

Orange peels, yogurt and peaches, but none of the songs end up actually being about said items. Fun with metaphors!

Name your favorite pop instrument and why.

Uh, the key-tar…duh!

If you were to experience a complete 180 in band names and be called ‘Wide Awake Co.’ what would your current songs morph into?

I think a complete 180 would have to involve something like sludge metal, something with lots of chugs and pig squeals. But, that would require buying a BC Rich Guitar. I think, deep down, Bob would love it if we were an ambient, atmospheric electronic band. We do like to mix up our bag of tricks, so I suppose anything is possible.

Name two cover songs you’ve played, live.

As a band, we have done “Raspberry Beret” [by Prince] and “I Only Have Eyes For You” by the Flamingos. Once, a rained-out show prevented us from covering “Head Over Heels” by Tears for Fears, which in hindsight was probably a good thing. All that falsetto, jeesh!

What are the names of the bands you’ll be playing with at the Cactus Club tonight?

The Gunshy, Light Pollution, In Bed.

Sleep Tight Co. plays with The Gunshy, Light Pollution and In Bed at the Cactus Club (2496 S. Wentworth), Friday, April 10th at 10 p.m.


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