TGIT: Our Weekend Picks!


Thursday, April 9th

The Junior League Band + Liberty Bluegrass @ Stonefly (735 E. Center), 9 p.m.

Bluegrass isn’t a flavor the city of Milwaukee chomps down on too often. When we do get a hit of bluegrass, it’s usually in the warmer, more festival-y months that drone with outdoor grilled food smells and smoky fireworks. Consider this show a prep course in what’s to come. Milwaukee’s own Liberty Blues Band is no stranger to the outdoor show circuit, bringing a touch of twang to the city-folk. All the way from Washington D.C. the Junior League Band joins the Liberty Blues with their youthful spirit and energy on one of the most string-centric genres of all.


Saturday, April 11th

Bear Proof Suit + Quest for Fire, Modern Problems, Lemmy Caution, Party By the Slice @ the Borg Ward (823 W. National), 6 p.m.

Bear Proof Suit’s name lives up to its music, sounding as tough as choosing to chew and digest a can of domestic beer in addition drinking it. The Milwaukee hardcore trio who brings its city such classics as “People Die Everyday” and “Science is Dead” have this to say about themselves: “We talk like we grew up in Wisconsin. We think like scientists that get called ‘mad’. We look like what Milwaukee smells like. We play like 1972 smacking 1982 in the head and teling it to get out of it’s goddamned bedroom and go see the world”.

Quintron + Miss Pussycat, Psychedelic Horseshit, Juiceboxxx, the Get Drunk DJs @ Cactus Club (2496 S. Wentworth), 10 p.m.

Each one of these musicians/bands/acts has been creating a distinct name for themselves: Quintron for catchy and brash beats and tunes and his dancing, maraca-wielding counterpart, Miss Pussycat (who is almost as adept at puppetry as the folks behind “the neighborhood of make-believe” on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood), Psychedelic Horseshit for creating a new and audio-ly messy genre last spring called “shit-gaze” Juiceboxxx for his wack-rap and the Get Drunk DJs for spinning songs between sets that will never leave a gap in the energy of a solid show. Expect nothing less than the weirdest of weird energy.



Sunday, April 12th

The English Beat @ the Turner Hall Ballroom (1034 N. 4th), 8 p.m.

From the dust and grime of England’s political and economic troubles came some of the most upbeat music in the late 1970s. The English Beat, the 2-Tone band that started a movement, captured a sound that fielded fellow punks the Buzzcocks and the Undertones but threw out sonic vibes of reggae/ska vets Toots and the Maytals. Their second time back to play Milwaukee within almost a years’ span, The English Beat are back to bring their message of resilience To the Turner Hall Ballroom with a new lineup (but still with Dave Wakeling) along with new songs.


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One Response to “TGIT: Our Weekend Picks!”

  1. brian Says:

    no love for white problems’ debut tonight at the borg ward?

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