Problemas Blancas: Freight’s New Alias


If there wasn’t already enough show-age to satiate your appetite for the live performance, here we are, throwing another one in your face, at close range.

Missed the storied last show of the now-buried, post-rock prowess of Freight (who can forget the video documentation)? Well, this show isn’t exactly going to reincarnate Freight by any means, but it’ll do its damndest. Brian Rogers’ (Freight’s vocalist) is lending his able vocal cords to a brand new, stripped-down rock project called White Problems.

Also featuring Chuck Engel (Wolfbite/Skull Time, Year of the Scavenger) on drums and Brian Whitney (Pigs on Ice, Year of the Scavenger) on bass and effects, the band makes their debut tonight at the Borg Ward (823 W. National) to open up a 7 p.m. show with White Mice, Crocodiles, Hatehearted and E=MC Hammer. “Expect fast, fun loudness” they say. We don’t have an mp3 to demonstrate this ‘fast, fun loudness’. That’s down the road. If you want to experience it for yourself, show up at the show.


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