Vega Star shares The Night

Photo by J. Rolbiecki

Photo by J. Rolbiecki

Jackson from Vega Star sent a couple tracks from the band’s recently released LP “The Night,” which came out February 20. They’ve sold out of their first pressing, but don’t worry, the next shipment comes in this week. Download a couple tracks before their next show April 17 at Linneman’s.

“The Error,” Vega Star

“The Puppet,” Vega Star

The record has been getting pretty good reviews across the ol’ blogosphere …
Geoff Thompson from The Psychedelic Music Blog says: “The music The Vega Star creates is not blues based but their music does as much for the spirit as a good blues album does. If you’ve gotten yourself in a place of quiet desperation then you’re not alone. You have a friend in The Vega Star. One of the best albums I’ve listened to in 2009.”

Slowcoustic says: “‘The Night’ is comparable to a more band orientated Gravenhurst. So anyone knowing the folk noir of Gravenhurst can enjoy a folk-Americana noir from The Vega Star. I also don’t want anyone to get the impression this is your indie-pop shoegaze either, it is more your indie-rock version. I dare say that the album isn’t entirely a trip down ‘Sad Bastard Lane,’ but might actually be secretly hiding a bit of rock band in despair.”



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