Talkin’ Chewie with The Sitch

This video made the front page of Digg last week, en route to garnering more than 140,000 views. If you feel like you know these guys, well, you might – the pioneers of Wookie-style guitar are Sean “The Situation” Williamson (Bryan Cherry Band, Johnny Sturgeon & the Baitmasters) and Ryan Alby aka DJ Bastian Stash (At Latl, We Are Your Father)

We thought it necessary to ask The Situation what the hell is going on here.

F-b: Is this the Brown Note of 2009?

S: Brown Note indeed. Seems as though the blue one wasn’t enough these days.

: So tell me, were you looking for Chewie? Or did you just sort of find him?

S: We stumbled on this one by accident, a spontaneous revelation while rehearsing for an DJ Bastian Stache & Situation collective @ the Up & Under.

F-b: Can you share the diad and tone settings for us tech dorks in the audience?

S: I’ll give most of it away, but not the holy grail itself. We’ll see how far this takes us. Take a Jimi Hendrix Inc. Octave Fuzz and run it through an old Princeton with a touch too much reverb. Then, play a C up on the 10th fret of the D string along with a Bb on the 13th fret of the A string, and slowly bend a 1/2 step with the Bb. Sounds awful by itself, but makes Chewie proud.

F-b: Is this a potential career-maker, being on the front page of Digg and everything?

S: Soon I’ll have my own clinic section in Guitar World….”Talkin’ Chewie with the Sitch”


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