Meet Fresh Cut Collective

Image jacked from Myspace

Image jacked from Myspace

Words and interview by Bryon Cherry

Rambling through Bay View’s Hide House practice space, the presence of ghosts strikes you. Graffitied homages to Milwaukee’s musical past and present. From this appropriately disheveled atmosphere booms the authoritative thump of The Fresh Cut Collective. They could be termed “New Milwaukee”- diverse yet cohesive, soul-shining with the grit of punk attitude; all steeped in the heaviness of rock. The band spoke with Fanbelt about music and dope basement parties in mansions.

“Never Over,” Fresh Cut Collective

“Wisdom,” Fresh Cut Collective

F-b: What made y’all get together and go all Voltron for this new project?

Adebisi (MC): Well, I first started rapping back when I was about six but I got really serious about it around the age of 14. I started putting out actual cassette tapes with my rhymes back in the day and had been grinding every since. I used to have shows and go to shows at Stonefly which is how I met Kiran [Vedula].

Kiran (Keys): Yeah, that was around last summer. My old band (Fly Neurotic) had broken up and I really wanted to start a project with an MC. At that point I was looking for anybody who might rap. I would just ask any random person that came into Stonefly and that’s how Adebisi and I decided we would try working together.

F-b: What were the first few practices like?

Adebisi: Basically the first practices was just me freestyling for hours over any beats the band had put together.

Allen Russell (violin): Once the band got together we did a lot of work even without Adebisi to try and get our parts to sound as close to being samples as we possibly could.

Kiran: For the first three or four months we worked like they said. For awhile it was just myself, Adebisi and Paul Trinko (Guitar). We were just trying a bunch of stuff and doing it for hours and hours. That was the point that we learned a lot about our band. Adebisi had never worked with a live band and none of us had ever worked with an MC. We were figuring out what types of things worked versus what didn’t work. Plus, we were just kind of vibing because (the instrumentalists) knew each other from other bands but we didn’t know Adebisi at all.

F-b: When did you guys play your first show?

Kiran: After we had been playing for a few months Adebisi went and booked a show last December. That gave us that extra push to get out there and do live shows. It was around this time that Patricio Amarena (synths) came aboard as well as Michael Stewart on the drums. Since we had a show we said to ourselves that if we are going to do this right we need a full band. This is also right around the time when Paul Fleming (bass) started playing with us. The show went great and then the next show was even better.

F-b: Are there any shows or new recordings planned?

Kiran: We are playing April 17th at Stonefly. The show is going to be videotaped and recorded so we would love to have a lot of people down there partying and having a good time. We are working out the details on recording soon. Also, we are looking to put together an East Coast tour in the summer.

F-b: Milwaukee is … ?
Kiran: Milwaukee is a great basement show in a dope mansion.

Adebisi: Yeah, basically Milwaukee is full of untapped potential.


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