The Scarring Party Take Their Tunes to the Pseudo-outdoors

Words by Erin Wolf

Milwaukee’s Scarring Party (of the famed “end-timey” tunes) are one of a handful of local bands that are packing up their instruments and taking to the Mitchell Park Domes

The Mitchell Park Domes have been captivating horticulture and plant fanatics since their finished construction in 1967. Perhaps to give Milwaukee a little more visual with their audio, the Domes have recently begun to  feature bands and musicians such as Stealin’ Strings, The Championship, Frogwater and this Thursday, The Scarring Party. 

“This is a perfect way for families and friends to start the new year with fun music, new lighting and all the ambiance that goes with the plant life at the Domes — it couldn’t get much better,” Director of Milwaukee County Parks Sue Black recently told The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Enjoy a little ambiance with your macabre music as The Scarring Party turns on the creepy charm tonight at 6:30 p.m. The Mitchell Park Domes are located at 524 S. Layton Boulevard.


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