Preview: White Wrench Conservatory + King’s Horses + I, Crime + Nonagons @ Borg Ward (3/20)

Detroit indie-pop quartet I, Crime visits the Borg Ward (image courtesy of the artist)

Detroit indie-pop quartet I, Crime visits the Borg Ward (image courtesy of the artist)

Words by DJ Hostettler

So, the Friday after Amateur Night—excuse me, St. Patty’s Day—is coming up. Recovered from the holiday revelry yet? Of course you are—you live in Wisconsin. But hey, don’t be afraid to give the liver a rest and trot down to the all-ages Borg Ward for one of the most intriguing lineups they’ve featured in some time. Local shoegazers White Wrench Conservatory (recently expanded to a four-piece with the addition of drummer/bassist Joph Bravo) host criminally underrated Milwaukee rockers King’s Horses along with a pair of must-see out-of-towers: Detroit’s I, Crime and Chicago’s Nonagon.

Nonagon play a brand of Amphetamine Reptile—brand noise-rock that wouldn’t have sounded out of place next to Gas Huffer or Guzzard on a Dope, Guns & Fucking in the Streets compilation from the mid-90s. They’ve previously been spotted shaking the Circle A’s foundations with bands like Dianogah, so they’re well-equipped to give the cozy confines of the Borg Ward a sound Chicago-style thrashing. But the real attraction of the night is I, Crime, an infectious indie-pop band with buzzing punk guitars that call to mind X, Superchunk, and what the hell, a little Sonic Youth-style feedback garnishing the riffs.

I, Crime are on the road promoting a brand new 7-inch called Dove Skin Gloves, but vocalist/guitarist Jennie Knaggs (in a display of the business acumen that has made Detroit one of our nation’s economic hotbeds) was kind enough to send Fan-belt mp3s of both tracks on the record! Check out the title track and “Candy Stripes,” fall in love, then show up at the Borg Ward and wish vocalist/guitarist Anderson Walworth a happy birthday. Aw, birthdays! White Wrench has promised cake, and cake at a rock show is always the right kind of trouble.

‘Candy Stripes,’ I, Crime

‘Dove Skin Gloves,’ I, Crime


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