Milwaukee music marathon!

Don’t forget to wish WMSE 91.7-FM a happy 28th birthday (anniversary?) tomorrow. The station celebrates another year of anti-establishment on the Milwaukee airwaves by playing 28 straight hours of Milwaukee music (!!!!) starting at Midnight tonight.

Oh. Hell. Yes.

I was trying to figure out what Fan-belt is gonna do for our first birthday in April. This is gonna be really hard to top. I mean, what else would we celebrate with besides Milwaukee music? Way to make me feel like a noob, WMSE. Thanks a lot.

Ha. But seriously, everyone knows you guys are the OGs of the local scene, and for that we love you. It’s only proper to celebrate not dying in your 27th year by playing a day-and-then-some of uninterrupted Milwaukee music. That’s totally rock star.

A small request: Could you play a Coo Coo Cal track for me, say, around 4-ish? Thanks!


3 Responses to “Milwaukee music marathon!”

  1. WMSE Dori Says:

    Request noted and we will do our best to rock your song around 4ish tomorrow 🙂

  2. Evan Says:

    I’d also love to hear that Coo Coo Cal track…

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