From Atomic Records: News: Final Two Days


Photo from Google

Photo from Google

The end of an era is undeniably coming to Milwaukee music after this weekend is over:  Atomic Records will say a final farewell to the community its so aptly and enthusiastically served for the past twenty-four years. If anyone has been on the fence about when to go in and pay last respects, make it soon, or better, make it now, because something this awesome will never be properly reincarnated or re-created. Here is the low-down from owner, Rich Menning:

“This is it folks! The last [two] days of regularly scheduled Atomic madness. Everything* is 30% off on Friday, 40% off on Saturday and 50% off on Sunday. Hours are Noon to 6 p.m. or until the shelves are bare, whichever comes first.

“*Of course, there’s an exception or two: Atomic t-shirts are not discounted (as always, already a bargain at $10, each, or $15 for the commemorative edition) nor is the box of brand-new vinyl we just received from one of the distros that owed us money. Titles by: Black Lips, Boston Spaceships, Cheap Time, Crystal Stilts, Damon & Naomi, Deerhunter, Jurassic 5, Kool Keith, LCD Soundsystem, Lemonheads, Jay Reatard, Sonic Youth, Strange Boys, Phil Wilson, Wooden Shjips, Xiu Xiu, Aethenor, Booker T. & The M.G.s, Bob Dylan, The Gestures, Nico, The Pretty Things, The Stooges, Jan & Dean and more (these records are already priced at our cost, so no further discounts). 

“BUT…all of the items previously marked ‘firm’ are now open to discounts! So, if you had your eye on the New order record award or that Misfits 3 Hits From Hell single or the Mars Volta artwork, now’s your chance to get them at up to 50% off — unless someone else beats you to it (we can do holds over the phone provided you pay with a credit card). AND everything that was already 1/2 price — 7″ singles, rare imports, etc. — are now open to the new discounts. You math wizards know that’ll mean a whopping 75% discount, come Sunday.

“Have a little time to kill? There’s a pretty nice PopMatters interview, here:

“You’ve got to know your chicken.”

Atomic Records is located at 1813 E. Locust Street: 414 332 3663



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