Review: Freight + Big Fun + Terrior Bute @ Cactus Club (3/7)

Freight's farewell show @ Cactus Club

Freight's farewell show @ Cactus Club

Video, images and words by Brian Whitney

This was it: the final performance by a band that I have loudly and repeatedly claimed to be the best in Milwaukee. I’d get into my feelings on a Freight-less existence but it would probably take several thousand words and it would still seem too short. Regardless, this was Freight’s last show and they were to go out with a bang.

This show also served as record releases for Terrior Bute and Big Fun (now Big Fun 4Ever due to some legal wrangling), and both bands delivered excellents sets of danceable, synth-driven but still rock- based music. I had seen Terrior Bute before at the Borg Ward, where technical difficulties had smote them down, but at Cactus they were flawless, a big bundle of Moog energy. Definitely a band worth looking into, with a new CD called Realm Dwellers that you should probably track down.

Big Fun 4ever played a set highlighting some of their new material, which is on a serious Hacienda tip. The way the weather is right now, it makes sense that a Milwaukee band would have some Madchester influence, in fact, it’s pretty surprising that no one thought of it until now. Their new 7-inch contains two pretty excellent dance numbers, the A side (“Teenage Sensation”) deftly lifting a vocal hook from Freedy Johnston’s “Bad Reputation” and transposing it over some Screamadelica-style piano and a solid bass groove. Big Fun 4ever is great on record and live, not an easy feat given the technology that goes into their sound.

As for the Freight set, I don’t know if the word “unreal” does it justice; this would be like saying JFK’s assassination “made people sad.” Suffice to say, it was the craziest Milwaukee show I have ever seen. The crazy thing is, the band played as well as they always did, with a set organized in chronological order of when the songs were written. But for one night, the audience was willing to meet them, and the results speak for themselves. The video below is a brand new Freight song not available on their recent CD. Watch a band at the height of their powers go out on top.

Terrior Bute

Terrior Bute

Big Fun 4Ever

Big Fun 4Ever


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7 Responses to “Review: Freight + Big Fun + Terrior Bute @ Cactus Club (3/7)”

  1. cal Says:

    i regret not giving freight another chance after an underwhelming performance at linneman’s back in september. it’s a shame when anybody’s “best band in milwaukee” calls it quits, because not enough people even HAVE a “best band in milwaukee”. condolences, and thanks for keeping us up to date on the scene.

  2. JVH Says:

    Missed Bute (work sucks)
    Big Fun 4Ever, Big Fun 4Ever 4Ever
    Freight was phenomenal. Most fun I’ve had throwin’ ‘bows in a long time.

    Great sound tech also!

  3. fanbelt Says:

    gotta love how alex does sound at cactus.

  4. brian Says:

    that linnemann’s performance was a rough one, at the tail end of a long center street day…they were way better earlier outside of the riverhorse.

    alex is a sound genius.

  5. Jacob Says:

    Shake them haters off. linnemann’s ruled! best freight show ever.

    many thanks for the sweet review brian.

  6. brian Says:

    to be fair, i was already recovering from our rough linnemann’s performance, and i was half drunk, and on crutches, so maybe i wasn’t ready for freight.

  7. Party Bear Says:

    shut up jacob…it was not in the least. But It did teach me a lesson about playing two shows in one day. If you go big in the first one you’ll be tired by the second one, and I’m sure it showed at linneman’s

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