Review: The Points + The Hussy + Crappy Dracula @ The Vault (3/5)

Photo and words by Brian Whitney

The Points are a punk band that have been named “DC’s best band” by the Washington Post. If DC’s best band is a Ramones soundalike that plays every song at the same tempo, then that scene could probably use another Ian Mackaye. I know that originality is an overvalued commodity in music, but if there’s nothing exciting or endearing about your band that sounds like a bunch of other bands, it’s probably time to move into another line of work, and you could probably make a lot more money as a straight cover band.

A show at The Vault can be an off-putting experience, and this one was no different. I opened the back basement door to see a random dude spray-painting curses on the floor of the back room. This pretty much makes for a standard Thursday night Vault show.

Crappy Dracula had just started as I arrived, and it was shockingly my first time seeing the Milwaukee scene mainstays. Before I say anything else about their performance, let me say this: Crappy Dracula are fucking funny. This applies to nearly every aspect of their performance. They even wrote out their own setlist from right to left, as to make it unreadable. This attention to detail is apparent in the songs they write: well-crafted punky nuggets about buying things, work, and other stuff that you or I don’t think to write songs about. They also dropped a cover of Flipper’s “Ha Ha Ha”, which seems appropriate, as Crappy Dracula is also a punk band who’d rather be clever than visceral. Music doesn’t have to be some sort of emotional ham-handed release, and Crappy Dracula proves it’s usually better when it isn’t.

Next up were Madison’s The Hussy, a two piece guitar and drums duo. Their first few songs were pretty heavy and were working pretty well, and I expected them to continue in that direction. They took a turn towards more melodic and bluesy material in the second half of their sit that didn’t quite play as well. Of course, it didn’t help that the festivites were dampened by an enthusiastic young man who facially resembled a dunking Tyler Hansbrough. He insisted on trying to start some sort of slam dance/mosh pit situation that didn’t vibe well with the band or the Vault regulars. Regardless, The Hussy was a solid band and are definitely worth looking into.

A dunking Tyler Hansbrough


2 Responses to “Review: The Points + The Hussy + Crappy Dracula @ The Vault (3/5)”

  1. heather Says:

    were you at the same show i was at??? the points were fucking great. you sir, are a moron.

  2. kyle Says:

    The Points were eh at best. Good at what they do, but what they do is boring.
    Tyler Hanbrough guy…HA! Hilarious!

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