Sex, politics and religion: Steve Marxx

No Request Sound! Photo courtesy of the artist

Words/Interview by Erika J. Bock

We’ve already talked to DwooD and Kid Cut Up on the sex, politics and religion tip, so moving right down the No Request Sound line, we decided to quiz hip hop DJ/producer Steve Marxx (who should probably be calling the Vatican about his miracle iPod).

“American Punk,” Steve Marxx

How does sex affect your music?
Well… I definitely want to have sex with the music I play. But seriously, I tend to stick to music that is fairly clean and well presented. I don’t have any opposition to sexual themes within music, just opposition to music that is overtly offensive. Besides, music that relies upon sex as the focus is usually just awful. If that’s all you listen to, you’re most likely awful too. Please don’t throw things at me. The only exception to this rule would be a certain song by a guy named Akinyele. It’s the jam.

How does politics affect your music?
Those who know me personally know of my angry rants and ramblings. But when it comes to music I play out, I’m not trying to influence your vote or preach my ideas. Life is already too serious. Music should be fun. I respect the fact that musicians try to convey a political message in their work, but people can be way too eager to welcome these messages. Create opinions based on your own thoughts, not from your favorite musician. Chances are you spend more time reading the news than they do. Remember, it’s OK to disagree. Political raps or cheesy party jams… good music is good music. I’ll play it.

How does religion affect your music?
Sometimes I can hear the priest over my iPod on Sunday… It honestly doesn’t affect my music. Again I pull the “good music is good music” card …

Do you do production work?
Yessir. Over time it seems to naturally happen. Although I’m still a virgin to production from a ground up level, I do make remixes/”mashups”. I like to think they are representative of my sound and style of play. You can disagree if you want to, but I can deal with that. Find these *here*

Residencies/favorite places to play?
I like variety in where I play. My favorites always change. Currently you can find me every Thursday over at the Hi Hat Garage with Kid Cut Up. It’s a ladies night unlike all other ladies nights…almost two years strong. Starting in March, you can find me at MOCT on Friday nights featuring special guests. For updated residencies and guest spots, be sure to check MySpace.


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One Response to “Sex, politics and religion: Steve Marxx”

  1. Erika Jean Says:

    That song by Akinyele IS the jam!

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