Is it Saturday yet?

Words by Brian Whitney

Any Milwaukee music lover should circle Saturday, March 7th on their calendar with the darkest, most permanent marker possible. Two heavyweight shows that celebrate Milwaukee’s past, present, and future will be going down, and they’re graduated enough time-wise that you might be able to hit up both.

The evening’s first stop will take place at the Borg Ward at 7 p.m. Two local acts of promise will be providing equal parts energy and danger. The first is infamous headliner Juiceboxxx, he of the multiple Thunder Jams and crowd toppling antics. He’ll know doubt have everyone in the Borg Ward smiling as he blasts “Thunder Road” through the PA and tackles people and ideas that others wouldn’t touch. The less-heralded of the two must-see acts at this show is Geocash, a band who released a pretty excellent record, that you can download for free no less, called Crowd Demons. In addition to good tunes, the band’s live shows contain one of the most unusual uses of a drum set you’ll see in Milwaukee. Chances are, one of the other three bands on the bill will entertain just as much as these two, though I personally can’t vouch without having seen them.

The nightcap takes place at Cactus Club at 10 p.m., and contains one of the sadder subplots of the night, as it will be the final performance by the intelligent aggressives of Freight. Fans who show up a little misty-eyed can blot their tears with either of two new records being released at the same show; the first, by a band that truly lives up to their name, Big Fun 4ever, and the second by by keyboard punks Terrior Bute.

Do yourself a favor; get out of the house and make it to at least one if not both of these shows. I know, I know; you have to study and don’t feel well and have to work and whatever. All I can offer you is the chance to see some very, very creative people lay it all on the line, and the least you can do is try to match their efforts.


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3 Responses to “Is it Saturday yet?”

  1. Brian Says:

    “know” doubt in the “Brog” ward? i apologize for my sloppy usage.

  2. Andy Says:

    Sweet, thanks Brian. Everybody go to the shows, it’s gonna be a geo-fiesta and shit!

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