RadioMilwaukee Music Awards Winners: A quick digest


The soul-funk ensemble Kings Go Forth cleaned house at the RadioMilwaukee Second Annual Music Awards last night, taking home FIVE awards. Here’s a complete list:

Artist of the Year – Kings Go Forth (Listener Choice Award)
Song of the Year – “One Day,” Kings Go Forth
Album of the Year – “Cathedral Square Park,” The Lackloves
Vocalist of the Year – Mark Waldoch, The Celebrated Workingman
Best New Artist – Kings Go Forth
TNT Award (Artist Most Likely to Blow Up) – Kings Go Forth
Club DJ of the YearKid Cut Up (Listener Choice Award)
Earwig Award (Catchiest Song) – “Foundation,” The Rusty P’s
Power “Poptart” Award (Power Pop Song of the Year) – “Latest Flame,” Quinn Scharber and the…
Dance Track of the Year – “Fire,” Codebreaker
“414 Music” Award (Best In-Studio Performance) – Stealin’ Strings
Memorable Concert of the YearKings Go Forth at Bay View Bash (Listener Choice Award)
Album Artwork of the Year – “Esque,” The Rip Off Artists
The 88Nine Award For Music & Community Service – Figureheads

Here’s a digest of what folks are saying …

Steve Hyden, Milwaukee Decider: “While we like Kings Go Forth, the concept of the band is better than the execution. (We like our soul music to have finger-poppin’ arrangements and heart-melting vocals, and KGF ain’t quite there on either count just yet.) And, considering all the other worthy choices in town, it might have been nice to spread the hardware around a little more to bands that have put out more music.”

Evan Rytlewski, Shepherd Express: “Do take the results with a grain of salt, though. The nominees and winners so closely mirror 88.9’s tight playlist that I wish they’d named the event the RadioMilwaukee Music Awards instead … You won’t hear any punk, metal, hardcore or gritty rap on the station—no dooming Malachi suites, no spastic Pigs on Ice tracks, none of Streetz & Young Deuces’ Midwestern crunk. That not one artist who recorded at Howl Street Recordings was honored at the Milwaukee Music Awards should be a red flag.”

F-B hears ya, fellas. We’d have liked to see more bands honored too. But on the other hand, we love what Andy Noble and KGF does, which our readers surely know. So big ups to you guys, keep doing what you do, we’ll keep listening and coming to shows.


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2 Responses to “RadioMilwaukee Music Awards Winners: A quick digest”

  1. Anthony Schwader Says:

    How about someone gets into the basement scene and taste test the music REALLY going on in the Milwaukee underground? I would gladly do this if I wasn’t so married into this. Someone needs to represent the most brilliant music going on in the underground.

  2. Cody Says:

    Never heard of Kings go Forth. These things are a joke anyway… I learned that when my first band entered a battle of the bands and got a lower originality score than a freakin COVER BAND!

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