Learning + beer = awesome

Learning about new stuff + drinking craft beer is what makes Pecha Kucha such a great concept. I wouldn’t have expected to be doing a Fan-belt post in relation to last night’s Marquette vs. MIAD Pecha Kucha at Sugar Maple, but in the spirit of the event, I learned something new about Milwaukee music. It’s not related to any of the 20 x 20 slideshow presentations, which were good nonetheless, especially one about the central nervous system.

It was my introduction to Sugar Maple owner Bruno Johnson, who was holding down the DJ responsibilities between sets. Bruno owns the OkkaDisk record label, which releases — get this — experimental improvisational jazz. OkkaDisk works with a lot of Chicago artists; Karayorgis/Vandermark Duo (bottom) is out of Cambridge, Mass. Peter Brotzmann Chicago Tentet Karayorgis/Vandermark Duo

Isn’t learning awesome?


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