The Get Down: A documentary

Video by Joel Van Haren

Last weekend, Fan-belt’s newest contributor Joel Van Haren went out on a mission armed with a digital recorder and a microphone to capture the essence of The Get Down, the monthly vintage soul party session hosted by (who else?) Andy Noble at Mad Planet. First of all, Mad Planet is a pretty dark venue which presents a bunch of technical challenges for anyone trying to shoot footage. And while it’s not as loud as a ifihadahifi show, it’s definitely not quiet in there, so interviewing folks wouldn’t be a cake walk either.

But sure enough, Mr. Van Haren came through like a champ with hi-res footage, audio and some pro-looking editing. This isn’t like when I bumble around trying to film Cactus Club shows — this is legit short documentary. Milwaukee Film: keep an eye on this kid.


14 Responses to “The Get Down: A documentary”

  1. Jon Anne Says:

    Kind of short for a documentary ;-P

    But GREAT people-watching and really captures the feel. The Get Down is so much more amped-up now than when it was above Trocadero and you can really feel it in this video. Nice work, Joel!

  2. Steve Eckkersley Says:

    Excellent work mate!
    Whats the track your using – sounds very good

  3. Darren Cole Says:


    Was feeling the video, great job Joel! I will have to cancel some plans and get down to Mad Planet to get my boogie on! Anyone know if there is any other video work by Joel!

  4. Andy Noble Says:

    That is ‘Give Me Your Love’ by the Sisters Love on MoWest Records. A Curtis Mayfield song, he does a nice version as well. Much more mellow though. This track was obviously taken from the Get Down 5 year anniversary CD as it has all the same crackles!

  5. Steph Says:

    Nice all white dance party!! Sorry to see the music scene is as segregated as it was 18 years ago—-especially considering the music you are playing! Show me a video with a more mixed crowd without the whites talking about how “comfortable” and how they don’t feel “pressure” to do their thing and maybe and and my friends will show up!!

  6. fanbelt Says:

    Steph — where do you hang out?

  7. Steph Says:

    With my family—totally desegregated—-let me know about a club in Milwaukee with a mixed crowd and I will be there!! I’m just sad that the arts/music scene is still as segregated as it was 18 years ago—I thought the youngin’s were mixing more, at least. Hey— I also appreciate you allowing me to post my disagreeable opinion—good, balanced journalism going on here.

  8. Steph Says:

    You are right. My friends/family and I will infiltrate.

  9. Steph Says:

    I hope we will be welcome.

  10. Steph Says:

    This is a great site—-it abolished all my negativity!!!

  11. Joel Says:

    Steph, The get down is a stellar time. ALL are welcome. Stop in next Saturday!

  12. Steph Says:

    Thanks for the invite. Like I said, we will infiltrate soon—I hope we don’t make too many people uncomfortable:)

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