Review: Grandchildren + Rad Racket @ Borg Ward (2/17)

Grandchildren rock the Borg Ward

Grandchildren rock the Borg Ward

Photo and words by Brian Whitney

Milwaukee is usually a pretty good place for touring bands to play, but it can be tough on weeknights, and at the last minute, and when the bill is mostly out-of-town bands. All of these factors came into play last night at the Borg Ward, which is probably why the audience was comprised entirely of people I knew on a first name basis.

Rad Racket and Grandchildren are two different bands from West Philadelphia who share four of five members. Grandchildren played first and were quite impressive. They brought to mind bands like Animal Collective and Battles in both their technical proficiency and use of technology via loops and samples. The music was peerless and efficient, with each member gazing off into space during their performance. The songs had a somewhat hypnotic effect, but I mean this in the most positive way possible; bands of this ilk often have difficulty composing good songs and prefer to get by on technical skill alone, but this was not the case with Grandchildren.

The switch to Rad Racket was quick; the drummer became the singer, and vice versa, and a guitarist was swapped out. The sound changed somewhat radically though, as Rad Racket was more rock based and less technology driven than Grandchildren. They bore a striking similarity to a band called Red Rocket I’d seen in West Philly about three years ago, and I’m sure that wasn’t a coincidence. Rad Racket’s drummer made some pretty intense drummer faces and the band was worth watching for that alone.


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  1. Slap Hands Says:

    damn! why didn’t anyone tell me about this.

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