Sex, politics and religion: DwooD

Photo courtesy of the artist
Words/interview by Erika J. Bock

As another member of seminal Milwaukee hip hop collective No Request Sound, DJ Darren “DwooD” Cole has been integral in bringing you the video updates for the Miltown Beatdown we’ve been showcasing on Fan-Belt each week. In addition to the residencies mentioned in the interview below, DwooD sometimes sits in with fellow No Request-er Christopher “Why B.” Gerard under the moniker The Rick Jameson Experience.


MP3: Christmas Mix, DwooD

F-B: How does sex affect your music?

DwooD: A few years ago it did a lot, when I was playing lots of house parties and at a club that was really all about that dirty and grimy kind of music. I personally have no problem with sexual references in the songs, but try to stay away from music that is blatantly vulgar in its approach (I’m kinda ol’ fashion I guess).

F-B: How do politics affect your music?

D: I am not a political person at all, but I’ve slowly been working on it. Seeing how excited everyone was about the Obama being president and the state of the economy, I have realized it may be something to look into. For the most part, I don’t shy away from music that is potentially biased to certain political views.

F-B: How does religion affect your music?

D: I grew up in the church and sometimes wonder if DJing, playing all this crazy devil music and partying all the time is OK, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

F-B: Do you do production work?

D: When I was a freshman in college, I experimented with beat making for a few MC’s that I knew, and realized that every time that we got together to work on music I would much rather be playing on my turntables, so I decided to stop and take spinning more seriously. I have a few remixes on my MySpace that are up for download and I am currently working on a remix of Outkast’s “Rosa Parks” with Kid Cut Up.

F-B: Any residencies?

D: My first ever residence was probably The Moon with DJ Shortround. He took me under his wing when I first started DJing. I met him at my first club gig and then start playing with him at the Moon. I learned a lot about DJing playing with him every Friday for a year and a half straight. He is still there every Friday doing his thing. After that I was the guest at Kid Cut Up’s Hip Hop Tuesdays at The Uptowner for a few months then going to school and running track started to wear on me, so we decided to swap up the rotation. Soon after that I did a six month stint at Caffrey’s on the Marquette campus, which would have been my first ever residence by myself. Had Thursday nights for while at VI Degrees on Water St. where I was able to bring in different guests each week, which soon evolved into just me and DJ Feed Me. I currently do Fridays at the Fat Abbey on Juneau St. at Water St. with Kid Cut Up, which is a really good party – I encourage people to come and check it out. Great bartenders, good food, and we play a wide variety of music. It’s definitely something different than what you can get from the other bars and clubs in that area.

I don’t necessarily have a favorite gig, but I really think if you’re looking for a good time, the parties that No Requests throws are something that a wide variety of people can come out and enjoy and be surround by great people. If you like good music and want to be in good company stop out to any of the No Request Sound nights. At least one of us is playing every night of the week. Sign up for our email list and get connected!


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