Milwaukee Hardcore: Rapid Adapter

Thrashy punk rock in 90 seconds or less: That’s Rapid Adapter‘s calling card. The band has been putting in steady work on Milwaukee’s basement scene since Fall 2005. Technically, they classify themselves as a ‘post-mod’ band. But really, this is nitty-gritty hardcore if I’ve ever head it. Hard and fast, just how we like our punk rock. This past November, we saw them at the Dipping Station; we finally caught up to these guys for a track and a hardcore punk interview.

“Proximity Mine,” Rapid Adapter

What’s the best board on N64 Golden Eye for proximity mines?
God damn it, I gotta find where my Nintendo 64 is! It got packed up in a move two years ago and I haven’t seen it since. Anyway, my favorite multi-player level on Golden Eye is the Citadel.
What’s your favorite basement venue?
Currently, The Vault, even though we usually suck when we play there.
Describe your sound as a mathematical equasion
The Infections + Sacchrine Trust X a well-functioning adrenal gland.
What’s the best British comedy show?
Duh… Peep Show, of course

MP3 ‘Proximity Mine,’ Rapid Adapter


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