Localized: The Delta Routine



photo courtesy of the band

photo courtesy of the band

Words by Erin Wolf

The Delta Routine has got a bit of cabin fever  just like the rest of us. Perched on the edge of a Spring tour, the blues-rock trio is hoping to get fresh inspiration for some new material. Putting their latest release Donna through the Milwaukee show circuit wringer, they are off to give it a few more turns in different locales before testing the waters with their new material. Before the Delta Routine slows down their local calendar they’ll showcase their ’08 album one last time at Stonefly this Friday, and they’ll have their audience also catching glimpses of their new songs before they officially materialize.

“Little Truth”, the Delta Routine

Singer/guitarist Nick Amadeus says, “We came out with Donna January of last year, and we’re still touring for that for now.” He explains that although Donna is the band’s main focus, their upcoming tour will be the brewing grounds for some new ideas.

“We’re going down to St. Louis, Kansas City, Indianapolis and we’ll play the bar scene there. In winter, we usually go out of town: Chicago, Minneapolis…it’s hard to play Milwaukee more than once a month. We used to play here a lot more, but we’ve been trying to cut that down. Beginning in April, we’re going to tour [St. Louis, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Chicago]. We hit Chicago up pretty regularly and do pretty well — we just played a show at Reggie’s last Saturday; we played a show in Chicago with a couple of punk bands there, recently too. It was a really cool experience, but the people in the crowd kinda shunned us,” Amadeus laughs.

Unapologetic for not being proper punk fodder, the band revels in their rootsy, blues-influenced sound, edging it up with a bit of rock and grunge. Amadeus comments on the blues influence as something crucial to his guitar work. “I had a big phase of blues music in my life — my favorite band is the Rolling Stones. I definitely have that blues backbone, and it’s definitely my favorite form of music. My vocals tend to go with whatever direction my music goes, but I definitely learned to play the guitar by playing the blues.”

The Delta Routine should get a good dose of inspiration from their tour stint in April. “The tour session will be until this summer, when we’ll start writing a lot. We have a lot of good stuff so far, and we’re not going to push it as fast as we did with the last album,” Amadeus says. 

Catch The Delta Routine before they hit America’s blues central. Opening: The Soup. Stonefly Brewery (735 E. Center Street) at 10 p.m. 21+


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  1. fanbelt Says:

    oooh! I like that ambient guitar noise in the beginning before the beat kicks in. that’s a step forward for you guys.

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