Meet Spiral Trance

Photo courtesy of the artist

Photo courtesy of the artist

Since their inception and the release of their self produced 2007 EP Dead Set, his Milwaukee quartet is giving modern rock a well-deserved kick in the teeth. Their resume includes several WAMI Awards, and an impressive list of rock showcases including the Meca Music Conference in Chicago and a showcase at Hollywood’s Whiskey A Go-Go.

Spiral Trance plays Saturday, January 31 at the BBC.

“Dead Set,” Spiral Trance
Spiral Trance home page


5 Responses to “Meet Spiral Trance”

  1. brian Says:

    betweent eh facial hair and the train tracks, that’s one hell of a promo pic.

  2. cal Says:

    it’s a milwaukee band, so i guess you have to be supportive and all, but unless they’ve gone through a radical transformation in the past year, these guys are generic grungy nu-metal. it’s too bad they’re the ones winning awards when there are so many great original bands in this town.

  3. Big Andy Says:

    Thanks Brian! We’re extremely proud of our promo pics. They were photographed by Rory Kurtz down in Chicago. We were lucky to work with him because he doesn’t really do bands. The pics were taken on a bridge with two tracks. And yes, that train is moving. It was extremely cold and hard to pose without shivering, but it was definitely worth it. We eventually had to get off the bridge because another train was coming from the other direction 🙂

  4. fanbelt Says:

    The BBC is built for their sound. A great venue for loud shows.

  5. Save the Date Says:

    I wonder how many more clichĂ©s one could fit in that photo. It’s already breaming.

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