TGIT: Our Weekend Picks!


Photo of Decibully by JW Lawson

Photo of Decibully by JW Lawson

Friday, January 23rd

Decibully + Heller Mason @ The Cactus Club (2496 S. Wentworth), 10 p.m.

Milwaukee’s Decibully is sitting on the hard copy of their collection of songs entitled World Travels Fast for the time being, but that certainly doesn’t disclude them from playing these incubating songs out in public. This sincere drama-folk/pop outfit is more than happy to rock out in the waiting room. With Heller Mason.


Image of the Borg Ward courtesy of MySpace

Hypernation Fest/Borg Ward Benefit @ Linneman’s (1001 E. Locust), 10 p.m. [also on Saturday, 1/24]

Lord knows, keeping the arts alive in our city is a constant struggle. Record stores, bookstores and countless other arts-centric communities are feeling the hot breath of the dragon that is a recession on their delicate necks. Benefits are a good means for these arts communities and organizations to survive. The Borg Ward Collective is one such organization, and is throwing a stellar two-day benefit to keep them rolling and rocking. The benefit will be at local music-friendly Linneman’s and will feature ifIHadaHiFi, Truthdealer, Head On Electric, Uh-Oh and the fine theatricals of Insurgent Theatre. Complete information at Linnemans’ web site.

Photo of Signaldrift courtesy of Google Images

Photo of Signaldrift courtesy of Google Images

Signaldrift + Mystery Palace, Sling @ Stonefly Brewery (735 E. Center St.), 10 p.m.

Signaldrift is a wonderfully gauzy trio, catering to those who like their ambience served with a bit of intelligence and solid musicianship. Those who remember the bygone loveliness of Milwaukee’s Casino Versus Japan will be satiated by this group on Wobblyhead Records. With Mystery Palace and Sling.


Photo of El Gordo courtesy of MySpace

Photo of El Gordo courtesy of MySpace

Saturday, January 24th

El Gordo + Speed Freaks (CD release), Eske, White Rose, Cry Coyote @ Club Garibaldi (2501 S. Superior St.), 10 p.m.

El Gordo has been getting ferocious press from Milwaukee media to match their music-making ethic. Their recent release, Apetito is full of intense bass hooks, Spanish rhymes and more than enough genuine gusto to slay most hip hop groups at the moment. Pairing up with hardcore/metal bands is nothing out of the ordinary for El Gordo; they’ve played alongside Milwaukee’s Speed Freaks before, this time helping their amigos out with the CD release show for the Speed Freaks’ new album Survive. 


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