Young Americans: The Trapper Schoepp Band


photo of the Trapper Schoepp band courtesy of the band

photo of the Trapper Schoepp band courtesy of the band

Words by Erin Wolf

The musicians in the Trapper Schoepp band are as old as the hills — music-wise. Schooled in Dylan, these old souls have been playing and writing music for ages. Their weathered, prosaiac lyricism and expertise surely doesn’t guide one to the reality of the bands’ core members’ age, which all hover in the realm of hazy high school. Fan-belt talks to Trapper Schoepp about why age truly is just a number, especially when it comes to music.

“Running Away From the Day”, Trapper Schoepp Band

As I talk to you, you’re about to go on a mini-tour: Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois, you just put out a new album and you’re getting a lot of great press. Are you feeling overwhelmed, yet?

Fortunately, I can’t seem to get enough of traveling, meeting new people and playing shows. The whole ‘romanticized’ idea of touring has to hit a note with us. So no, we’re not overwhelmed yet. We’re ready to put some more miles on the Grand Caravan and begin recording a new record as soon as we can

What’s it like having most reviewers and writers focus more on your age and your music than just your music?

I guess there’s something to say about a group of kids who, at the time, couldn’t buy cigarettes or lottery tickets at the gas station, making a bearable sounding record. Being young and getting any recognition helps us from getting discouraged. I don’t think being young discredits the songs.

You have some pretty hefty influences (Wilco, The Rolling Stones, Ryan Adams and Bob Dylan) — did you play a lot of their songs to get the creative process going for your own music?

We still occasionally cover Wilco and Dylan songs when we play, and yeah, I believe about a quarter our sets, when we were starting out, were covers from acts like that. Artists like Dylan and Springsteen taught me the power of lyrics, and Wilco has also produced amazing music. A lot of this influence is coming through in our newer material, which I’m really excited about.

Which folk/Americana musicians in Milwaukee do you admire?


I am really excited about Juniper Tar and The Championship. I love their music. Unfortunately, I can’t really go out and see their shows because of age restrictions of venues. The absurdity behind that is something I could rant about. The Celebrated Workingman rocks, too. Roses is another younger band that’s playing great music.

Have you played at Art Bar before? What’s in store for your show there?

Yeah, we have played there a few times. They have coffee drinks for the underage crowd and very eclectic art on the walls. It’s really one of the coolest cafes I have ever been in. We are playing the show with our good friends The Battle Royale, an Electro/Dance band from Minneapolis. Should be a good time. A good time is all I can really promise at one of our shows, at least I hope so.

Catch the Trapper Schoepp band at Art Bar on Friday, January 23rd at 9 p.m. With The Battle Royale (MN).

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4 Responses to “Young Americans: The Trapper Schoepp Band”

  1. New York Times Says:

    Little more than the contrived ramblings of a hopeless teenage “rebel.” How dare you compare this abomination to Robert Allen Zimmerman. Poor chord progression, aimless lyricism and unnecessary guitar solos have led me to believe Trapper Schoepp just likes the sound of his own voice, and maybe his axe.

    • fanbelt Says:

      Trapper — as a musician you’ll learn that haters are part of the game. Don’t ever be discouraged by mudslingin blogsnobs like this dude. Keep doin what you’re doin, your sound will mature — unlike Mr. ‘New York Times’ here, who feels the need to bend context in order to trash minors. sheesh.

  2. Anti-Sandbagger Says:

    New York Times? What kind of fecal matter are you throwing across the internet? I think that you should probably stick to writing children’s books reviews with your unimpressive and completely too contrived vocabulary. As for the music, I can definitely hear the Dylan in it, keep up the good work.

  3. New York Times Says:

    Where’s the Dylan? Have you listened to a Dylan record lately? Dust off the old “The Times They Are A-Changin’ LP” and see what I’m talking about. Then listen to a few Trapper Schoepp songs. You can relate the two right? They definitely share the same great mind and spirit of song writing correct? Balderdash! Poppycock! Horsefeathers!

    As for haters, of course you will have them. I’m not saying Trapper Shoepp should be exiled and ridiculed, hardly, I only intend to represent a different opinion. One that sees clearly the fallacy in even touching the heights of Dylan’s mastery as a poet, musician and overall artist.

    As for having a vocabulary, I don’t believe I’ve used too many big words have I?

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