The name of this blog has been changed to Andy

Please tell me those pants are vinyl! Fashion Ninja students flaunted their fashion designs at the Oriental Theatre before an encore screening of “Super Noble Bros.” (2007), Mark Escribano’s documentary of Andy, Davey and Tommy Noble. More photos

“What are you doing after this?”

“We’re going to Bootleggers for $5 all-you-can-drink. You should come with us!”

This wasn’t the sort of conversation one might expect to overhear while waiting on a DIY fashion show/indie movie showcasing three local boho artists/musicians/DJs to start, but that was certainly the case last Thursday at the Oriental Theater. This is a testament to the diversity of so many Milwaukee art, theatre, music and film events as hundreds made their way from the popcorn-scented and sponsor-dotted lobby into the historic main theatre.

Students of the Fashion Ninja School showcased a selection of designs in a fast-paced, faux paparazzi-studded runway show. Not long after their grand finale (punctuated by creative use of a huge swath of pink fabric), the audience was treated to a glimpse into the lives – past and present – of the Noble Brothers, along with their family and friends, larger than life on-screen.

As expected, local filmmaker Mark Escribano’s Super Noble Brothers features a solid soundtrack, though the most impressive aspect of the project was almost certainly the editing.

Keen wit and humor temper the reality of each of the Noble boys’ daily lives, from homelessness, making money, not making money, being the product of a broken home and the burden and exhilaration of creating art and music, to the woes of record digging and the basic trials and triumphs of running a record store.

“Super Noble Brothers” trailer:

The most jarring realization that hit upon exiting the theatre was a renewed sense of pride. We may sometimes forget that our city is filled with creative people that are making an impressive impact, but thankfully, there are always people like the Nobles, Areka Ikeler and Mark Escribano to remind us.

Story and photos by Erika J. Bock


3 Responses to “The name of this blog has been changed to Andy”

  1. Peter J Woods Says:

    Nice write up, but I have one qualm: if you do not expect that conversation to be overheard before a DIY fashion show/indie film screening, than I have to question whether or not you go to a many DIY fashion shows or indie film screenings. As much as there are people who attend these events to actually partake in their artistic merit, there are people who attend for the sole purpose socializing and using it as a point of social currency, possibly making up the majority or something close to it. Whether or not thats a bad thing is up for debate (try and guess my bias), but thats how it is, and drinking obviously ties right into that. Frankly, I would be surprised if I went to one of those events and DIDN’T hear that (or something like it), unless I’m overlooking something else in that statement that makes it surprising.

    Aside from that, excellent review. Definitely makes me want to catch te movie sometime soon.

  2. Erika Bock Says:

    Ah, to clarify Peter: I think I was more surprised at someone attending this event that would make plans to head to *Bootleggers* than making plans to drink in and of itself (In fact, the post-screening party was across the street from the Oriental…at a bar). When I hear “Bootleggers” I think of homemade costume contests judged by Playboy bunnies and young collegiates yelling “WOO SPRING BREAK!!!” Seemed a bit odd to me.

  3. Peter J Woods Says:

    Ah! Ok. Yeah, that would be lost on a non-drinker like me, haha.

    That’s a slightly different story. Glad to see some “squares” are making it out to stuff like this.

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