Don’t tell me this town ain’t got no heart …

A full house for Kings Go Forth at Stonefly on Saturday.

A full house for Kings Go Forth at Stonefly on Saturday.

It’s tough to eclipse the energy of a Friday Gallery Night.  Especially one where you wind up in a body cooler in the basement of Borg Ward.  (don’t ask)

This weekend belonged to Milwaukee music. Our editor Erin Wolf forcasted an epic citywide get-down Saturday night, so we shouldn’t be surprised– but damn! It feels good to see Milwaukee bands pack clubs from Bay View to Riverwest. I spent the evening at Stonefly watching a pair of Andy Noble projects funk the capacity audience in the ear hole all night long.  Headliners Kings Go Forth naturally rocked their set — those guys are flat-out undeniable, as everybody, even the Cue section, knows. 

But you might not know about the openers The Chain. And you need to know about The Chain! Their guitar-driven instrumental riff rock has all that I love hearing — ’60’s amps and effects (analog delay, w00t),  powerful unison leads played in exotic modes (Phrygian?) and driving grooves taken from the James Brown playbook. And I gotta say there’s something beautifully paradoxal about hipster-looking dudes rippin’ improv like a jam band. 

Across town at Cactus Club there was a similar scene at the Invade Rome and Juniper Tar show. Sources say it was a gritty display of rock n’ roll primed for whiskey consumption and elbow-to-elbow revelry. Can anyone confirm that? Post a comment, lemme know.

Just another one of those nights — which are becoming more and more frequent –when Milwaukee really turns out in force for hometown talent. In the middle of frakking January! Mounting evidence of the building momentum we have going here. Exciting times indeed … 

-Adam Lovinus


2 Responses to “Don’t tell me this town ain’t got no heart …”

  1. amy Says:

    the cactus club, it’s true, was decidedly wonderful.

    the last number — juniper tar boys joining invade rome boys on stage for a soaring rendition of brian wilson’s “in my room” — was something to see.

  2. Rosey Tweets Says:

    Great review Adam,

    I bet the show was very good. I heart good times.

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