Invade Rome: Pretty Demons

New year: resolutions, changes and fresh starts. Most people make ’em as the clock strikes midnight to ring in the new year, but some people like to gear up to get a good running start.

Invade Rome spent the latter part of 2008 gaining the momentum they needed to vault into their new identity and leave their old identity as Freshwater Collins in the dust. With a new name comes a new album, Light Eyed & Villainous, and a load of other new stuff. A bunch of newly-pressed, limited edition red vinyl, a bunch of shows planned for ’09 and even a new video for the song “Pretty Demons”. It all starts with a release party at the Cactus Club on Saturday.If the above video is any sort of testament to this reinvigorated group’s intentions to divide the old and conquer the new, let us be the first to say we’re not battening down the hatches. In honor of the occasion, the four bandmates (Chris Vos, Brian Vos, Josh Tovar, Justin Krol) decided to clarify their mysterious album title (Light Eyed & Villainous). They realized that it might be up for interpretation, so in order to paint the clearest picture, here is the inspiration for the name.

The following characters, are all deemed to eerily fit the specifications of the album title of who they consider to be ‘light eyed and villainous’. Justin Krol explains: “We came to a general agreement that the darkest place in the world is probably Fred Rogers’ Neighborhood of Make-Believe, which happens to house many light-eyed characters who are mostly villainous…

1. King Friday XIII: total dick in disguise. Very egocentric. Overall, a terrible monarch.

2. Queen Sara Saturday: less egocentric, but still kind of bitchy.

3. Prince Tuesday: more like Prick Tuesday.

4. The Platypus Family: absolutely useless to Fred’s story lines…they must be hiding something.

5. Donkey Hodie: not fooling anyone, Don.

6. Mr. McFeely: is the full embodiment of ‘light eyed and villainous’.

Invade Rome takes the stage at the Cactus Club (2496 S. Wentworth) with Juniper Tar and Yourself & The Air. 10 p.m. 21+


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