TGIT: Our Weekend Picks! S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y!

Photo of Holy Shit! by Karen Gauger
Saturday, January 17th
Holy Shit! + Avoided, Party By the Slice, We Must Dismantle All This, Fetch the Pliers @ Zad’s Roadhouse (438 S. 2nd Street), 9 p.m.
Yes, it’s cold as hell outside, but here’s a chance to warm up with one of the best slam-dancing opportunities to present itself yet in this early part of the new year. Holy Shit! packs more raw energy into their short sets than most bands do in a string of shows. Hardcore is the ultimate winter warmer. 

Photo by Matt Schwenke

Invade Rome (CD release) + Juniper Tar, Yourself and the Air @ Cactus Club (2496 S. Wentworth), 10 p.m.
A ‘fresh’ new name? That and a new CD, is what the boys of Invade Rome (formerly Freshwater Collins) are sporting. Be there to help them celebrate and pick up one of the most catchy releases of the year, thusfar…

Photo courtesy of MySpace

The Wigs @ Shank Hall (1434 N. Farwell Avenue), 8 p.m.
These Cally boys are power pop veterans, and have been creating quite the buzz of excitement among aficionados with their stop in Milwaukee. Making a name for themselves in the genre of soft and easy crooning in the ’80s, the Wigs will be reliving their glory days by performing favorites, “Fire” and “Wherever She May Be”.

Image courtesy of MySpace

Kings Go Forth + The Chain @ Stonefly Brewery (735 E. Center Street), 10 p.m.
Check your snow boots at the door of Stonefly, and slip your dancing shoes on for a double-bill by Milwaukee’s Kings Go Forth and The Chain. Kings Go Forth’s trio harmonies, horns and playful percussion, create a sound that is not as much a throwback to the funk and soul of the ’70s, but more of what funk and soul has done to use that era to create a new vibration.

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