Sex, Politics and Religion: Erik Lee

Photo courtesy of the artist
Story by Erika Bock

Eric “Erok/Erik Lee” Olsen has been wading in Milwaukee’s DJ pool for years, toiling away at downtown gear shop Nova Musik by day and playing ass-shaking dance tracks at such venues as Mantra Lounge (rest in peace), Three, and Moct by night. Of course, being the DJ equivalent of a superhero makes Erik Lee more than qualified to answer these all-important questions about sex, politics, religion and his music of choice.

F-B: How does sex affect your music?
EO: A lot of the music I play is highly influenced by sex; the beat, the groove, the pace and even the vocals. Getting down on a dance floor isn’t very far off from what it’s like in the sack!

F-B: How does religion affect you music?
EO: I don’t feel like religion has much of an impact on my personal style of music. But, there have been a few times in the past that I have chosen to not play a song due to religious offensiveness.

F-B. How do politics affect your music?
EO: I would think that musicians and DJs in general are a bit more liberal than the norm. Most of us believe the expression should always be free and never restricted. I have used my MySpace music profile to exhibit the candidates I am voting for in hopes that others will follow. But, musically I haven’t done much to change my personal style.

Eric plays at Three March 13 with Samonik for “The Fixx,” a new weekly event at Three.

MP3: “Pad One,” CtrlChip


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