Life After Europe: The Goodnight Loving

Photo of The Goodnight Loving by Karen Gauger

Words by Erin Wolf

Locals The Goodnight Loving have been getting a little taste of Italy, recently. Following their recent pairing up with Italy’s Wild Honey Records for their latest self-titled release meant a two-week show schedule throughout the boot-shaped landform and a recording stint. November and December saw the band also hitting the surrounding countries of France, Norway and Germany. Now, the Goodnight Loving is home to recoup and to celebrate their travels and the recording of the new material with a double-set of a show, interspersed with a record-spin from The Get Drunk DJs. Expect not only fresh material, but the usual dance-inspiring garage-pop with its ever-energetic line-up changes, giving this Milwaukee band a unique and appealing quality to their live show. Fan-belt talks to The Goodnight Loving’s Zach Byrne to get the short and sweet details.

You all just got back from a pretty big European tour — exhausted or exhilarating? 
Definitely a combination of both, but more exhilarating than exhausting. It was definitely like being on a different planet, at times. Their street signs are counterintuitive.

You haven’t played out in Milwaukee since Halloween. Any big changes, material or anything else, band-wise, since then?
We recorded four, new songs in Montebelluna, Italy, one of which we wrote on the spot. I think we’re going to be playing all of them on Saturday.

How’s the latest release holding up?
So far, so good. We’re still having fun playing the songs, and I think we play them better than ever.

What’s in store for the new year?
I think we’re gonna try and keep as busy as possible playing shows and recording — I know some tours are in the works, but I really don’t have any specific details…

Any details on your show at Lulu?
We are starting at midnight, so people can go to the M.O.T.O./Plastic Pets/Tony Sagger show at Frank’s Power Plant (which starts at 9 p.m.). We also plan on playing two sets, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes. It’s going to be a long, fun night!

The Goodnight Loving plays Lulu (2265 S. Howell Avenue) on Saturday, January 10th, with the Get Drunk DJs spinning in between sets. 21+ The Goodnight Loving’s self-titled LP is available stateside on Dusty Medical Records.

MP3“Blank Day Parade”, The Goodnight Loving


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