TGIT: Our Weekend Picks!

Photo of Sleep Tight Co. by Christine Taylor

Thursday, January 8th
Sleep Tight Co. + She Swings, She Sways, American Folk @ Stonefly Brewery (735 E. Center Street), 10 p.m.
Our fair city has a penchant for the gritty in their music, so it’s the rare occasion that a night of the pop-iest of pop music should grace a local stage. Sleep Tight Co.’s airy melodies filled with violin and charming lyrics will provide a sweet balm for even the chilliest winter night.

Photo of Chief courtesy of MySpace

Friday, January 9th
Chief + Revolush @ Shank Hall (1434 N. Farwell Avenue), 10 p.m.
Chief likes their rock and roll raucous, full of heavy-hitting drums and intense guitar work. Singer/guitarist Chris Tishler is the driving force behind the three-piece who have energy and then some, giving a renewed definition to the term ‘power trio’. 

Photo of .357 String Band courtesy of MySpace

Saturday, January 10th
.357 String Band + Black Diamond Heavies, Joe Buck Yourself @ Turner Hall Ballroom (1034 N. 4th Street), 10 p.m.
Described as having a ‘streetgrass’ sound, Milwaukee’s .357 String Band has adhered to their unique tag by heavily playing the outdoor street festival circuit, catching Milwaukeean’s ears with their bluegrass and punk combo. Now, busy honing their touring skills stateside and otherwise, the hoot ‘n holler-ers make it on back to their hometown for a show on the stage of The Turner Hall Ballroom.

The Goodnight Loving + The Get Drunk DJs @ Lulu (2265 S. Howell Avenue), 10 p.m.
The Goodnight Loving has been busy spreading the gospel of garage music to Europe and beyond. Recently arriving back home from a tour that has taken them everywhere from Italy to Holland and Norway, they settle back into Milwaukee with a double set at Lulu, filled in with the record-spinnings of The Get Drunk DJs.

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