Phish @ Alpine Valley: Hottest ticket of the summer?

This is a picture of Phish playing at Alpine Valley, the image that’s on their Wikipedia page.

Phish just announced its 2009 Summer Tour, a 10-show run beginning in Long Island, N.Y. and winding up in our own backyard with a two-night stand at Alpine Valley, June 20-21.

Phish heads: this is where you stop reading and go put in your ticket request at

Feel free to disagree. Just keep in mind how hard Phish heads tour. The three-night comeback run March 6-8 in Hampton, Virginia sold out in mere minutes, and Alpine Valley is a well-established favorite on the touring scene, since the Grateful Dead began making it a regular stop in the early 1980’s. Phish played a brilliant two-night stand at Alpine on their 2004 ‘farewell’ summer tour, after an unforgetable performance on their 2003 ‘comeback’ summer run. I could go on and on, but if you’re one who cares, then you already know 🙂

Besides, I’m still trying to find my mind after their final pre-hiatus Alpine show in July, 2000. It’s still somewhere in an East Troy corn field outside the yellow lot.
-Adam Lovinus


2 Responses to “Phish @ Alpine Valley: Hottest ticket of the summer?”

  1. TJ Fackelman Says:

    I think Barry R. Garcia took your mind when he blasted off in his UFO…

  2. cal Says:

    you and i must have had virtually the same phish experiences at alpine…i spent half of ’08 in the cactus club but i can’t wait for june this year!

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