Sex, Politics and Religion: Jason Samonik

Photo courtesy of the artist
Interview by Erika J. Bock

Jason Samonik (aka Discomputr/Samonik) has a long history on Milwaukee’s music scene and from many angles: participation in bands (including Pneumatic, which partnered him with one of Three’s part-owners), production (he owns/runs The Shell Studio), and DJ work. His latest solo project, DISCOMPUTR, combines his obvious passion for music of all genres with his knowledge and awareness of the current music climate.

How does sex affect your music?

I believe sexual energy and creative energy are one in the same. (Ayurveda calls this energy ojas) so within that context, the more I have sex, the less I create. Actually, I should say the more I have sex and “release”…it’s the “releasing” part that’s the creative zapper. I don’t find it to be like working out; the more I sexually release, the more my creative energy grows… instead, I feel I have a certain amount of ojas (sexual-creative energy) to work with each week, so if I put that all over some adorable young girl’s tummy then less music will be written that week.

How does religion affect you music?

It doesn’t, religion is just insecure peeps perpetuating elaborate rituals (which once had rad pagan reasons and benefits) in order to feel “safe” or “controlled” kinda like an extension of childhood. Now that the parents don’t keep me safe or scold me for being wrong or control me (all summed up as “attention”) then I feel something is missing…(religion enters the room) “Here I am!”

Now spirituality… that shit rocks!

How do politics affect your music?

Oh gosh…if it did ANYTHING for me it would be that when I do accidentally pay attention I get a little bit frustrated and a track I write that week might sound a bit more aggressive then usual. Most politicians and the peeps that run them are nothing more then an elusive, powerful, dreadful and scary extra-terrestrial race of reptilians trying to encapsulate the human species like little Duracell batteries… kinda like in the movie the matrix! GO NEO GO!!!!

Are you a producer?

Yes, I’m the retarded one (can I used the R word?) I was a producer for 15 years before i became a DJ.

Any residencies or favorite spots to play?

I book/promote/play at Three. Discomputr will be playing live on the first Friday of every month at Three starting in February. Three has the best sound system, and the best employees! I love playing Joe’s after parties too! Great spot! And I used to like Redroom, but that has been a while.


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