Meet the Daredevil Christopher Wright

Eau Claire is on fire. Bon Iver/Justin Vernon are practically household names after 2008; his beardy, ice-encrusted WiscoFolk opus For Emma, Forever Ago put the northernly college town on the radar.

On Bon Iver’s coattails was this artist, the Daredevil Christopher Wright, who just signed on with Amble Down Records in Chippewa Falls. Justin Vernon himself rode the faders in mixing down nine tracks on the trio’s upcoming record, In Deference to a Broken Back . Maybe the Daredevil will be the next big thing to come out of the E.C. Maybe not. But either way, we’re digging the sound – which I’ll compare to a bar-brawl between Brian Wilson and Jeff Tweedy.

The Daredevil Christopher Wright plays Stonefly Brewery 9 p.m. Friday, January 16.
-Adam Lovinus

MP3: “The East Coast,”
The Daredevil Chritopher Wright


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