The Demix: Escape from Jones Island

Here’s a bird’s-eye of Jones Island, which is near the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District just north of Bay View. Maybe you’ve gotten lost there driving home from Cactus Club once. Or maybe that was me.

Milwaukee electro-psych artist The Demix got lost on Jones Island recently, which drove him to put together a set entitled Escape from Jones Island.

Demix says: “It’s inspired by the true story of me getting lost on Jones Island. You may not know of this place… I would describe it as an industrial urban jungle of toxicity complete with mountains of road salt and down-by-the docks/underneath-the-bridge-creepiness. Especially at sundown. I was pretty sure I was going to be eaten by zombies.”

Features tracks by the Secret Chiefs, Aphex Twin, Maldoror and more dark-ass, creepy techno. Sinister, scary and toxic, just like I like it. Download it here.

-Adam Lovinus


3 Responses to “The Demix: Escape from Jones Island”

  1. andrzej Says:

    i got lost on jones island coming home from the estate once, so i was a long way from home. i went back later, intentionally, to see if the place was real. its real alright. and that’s extra scary to me.

  2. amy Says:

    I once got lost on Jones Island, at 1 in the morning, on my bicycle. I also thought I would be eaten by zombies. I crashed my bike on some railroad tracks and busted up my knees. and just when I thought I was going to make it out alive, I found out I was on the wrong side of the island and had come to a towering barbed wire fence.

    one of the most terrifying nights of my life.

  3. Jacked Bauer Says:

    hey fan-belt. thanks for posting this!

    xo / thedemix

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