Pigs on Ice Tour Diary: Oh Holy Shit! Madtown!

By some stroke of good fortune, we ended up playing not once but twice in Madison this weekend. The first show was Friday night, at a crust punk basement called Subvert City, with our pals Holy Shit! and a couple of bands from Texas. Also, I should mention the opener, a band of 16-17 year old kids from Oconomowoc called The Mudslingers, who were fully outfitted in the punkest garb and introduced most of their songs as about either “fashion punks” or “skateboarding.” They also did a cover of the Beastie Boys’ “Egg Raid On Mojo”. In the words of Holy Shit’s Tony Schwader, “A crucial opening band.” A fight broke out during HS’s set, basically right on top of my amp. Somehow it survived. We played last, didn’t think anyone would stay for us but they did, and fine vibes abounded.

Our Saturday show was at a bar called the Frequency with our pals Freight. It was also the last show for a Madison band called Oh Shit! A Geyser. I accidentally played with earplugs in, and couldn’t figure out why everything sounded weird. I continue to break strings with reckless abandon. I think I only made it to the end of one show without having to borrow a guitar from someone else. Oh well.

Ultimately, this was a pretty awesome experience, and I couldn’t have done it with a better group of people. I’ll miss the camaraderie, but not the van smell. It’s nice to be home. The end.
-Brian Whitney


One Response to “Pigs on Ice Tour Diary: Oh Holy Shit! Madtown!”

  1. DrAwkward Says:

    The Frequency is the best new club to play in Madison, and has been since it opened in the summer. Great sound, great staff, and a passionate owner. Love love hearts love.

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