Pigs on Ice Tour Diary: Day 4

One thing I neglected to mention earlier is, the day before we left for tour I bit into a sandwich a bit too vigorously and damaged a month-old filling. It’s super sensitive to anything colder than lukewarm. I didn’t have enough time to get it repaired before we left, so I’ve been riding it out by eating on the left side of my mouth and drinking everything without ice (hence wine and hot mixed drinks instead of beer.) Apart from the one time I forgot about the issue and bought a Blizzard at a roadside DQ, I’ve been getting by. The need to eat supersedes the pain of eating. It’s an apt metaphor for being in this band.

Random thoughts: This van smells like something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I think I talked more about food than the shows we played, which summarizes this tour pretty well. I’m still not over the dead dog from update 3, to the point that I wince anytime someone uses the word “dawg” as a greeting. Happy New Year to all you Fan-Belters, and there will be one final recap after tomorrow’s Madison show.

-Brian Whitney


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