Localized: Somebody Talked

Image courtesy of the band

Words by Erin Wolf

Somebody Talked may not play out as often as some local bands, but when they do, it’s quite the event. This time around, their show brings one band together for an anniversary and another for a reunion. Expect some of the best jagged and raucous Rust Belt rock from everyone present. Arik/”Spike”, bassist from Somebody Talked, talks to Fan-belt about his band’s isolated show storms, performing on the radio and why everyone might want to consider bringing marshmallows to this Friday’s show…

You’ve been together since 2006, but have been pretty under the radar. Any reason why?
It could be that we simply don’t aggressively market ourselves as much as we could, or perhaps it is the balance we try to keep between our music and our personal lives. We tend to be fairly low key and like to build relationships, but could probably reach out in different directions a little more. 

We do feel pretty lucky to have the choices we do here in Milwaukee. There are quite a few good, live music clubs and a lot of great bands, and of course things like WMSE and various sites, blogs and papers that support local music. It is good to know live music is still doing well, here.

You’ve got an aggressive sound, but have a great sense of melody. Is it hard to balance the loud and ‘angular’ while working on a catchy melody line?
When we write, we usually start with a riff that someone brings in. Sometimes, that will have some obvious melody that we build on, but more often the melody comes from us toying with it for a while. The aggression is usually already there because we find that style of music enjoyable to play; it is a release. Plus, many of our influences are aggressive-sounding as well.

Where did you record your latest songs and with whom?
The latest songs on our MySpace page are from our WMSE set on December 2nd and our show at the Cactus Club on December 6th. Our CD is completely DIY. We recorded the drums and scratch tracks in our rehearsal space then took that and built on it at our guitarist’s home where we recorded the main guitar, bass and vocal tracks. We are pretty proud of it, but in the future, we might be more inclined to go to a studio since our process was pretty time-consuming. But we are happy with the result, nonetheless.

You recently performed live on 91.7 FM, WMSE — what’s more nerve-racking: playing a live set on the air, or playing a live set to a big crowd?
Definitely, playing live on the air for the first time. It is a fairly sterile environment, you are wearing headphones, there is no crowd to interact with, etc. However, everyone at WMSE is great. They let us get set up and relax a little bit and were extremely accommodating. Once we started playing our set, it was just a lot of fun.

What’s going on at your show on Friday — anything we should know about?
We will be burning all our gear at the end of our set and will have marshmallows for everyone to roast around it. Other than that, it is our friend’s (The Final Departure) anniversary show, so it is sort of a party for them. All The Way Rider is coming from Minneapolis (a great band — go check them out, everyone) and Drift Kristy is playing a reunion set which includes Lucas from The Final Departure.

Somebody Talked plays with The Final Departure, All the Way Rider and Drift Kristy at Points East Pub, 1501 N. Jackson. 21+, 10 p.m.

MP3“Can’t Deny”, Somebody Talked

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