Pigs on Ice Tour Diary: Day two

Brian Whitney and Pigs on Ice check in from the Cheapside in Lexington, Kentucky.

Tonight’s showspace is in what you could affectionately call ‘the bad part of town.’ I hope we still have gear and a van in the morning. Last night’s show was supposed to be in Carbondale, Illinois, but the venue was flooded, so the show was off. Instead we drove to Cincinnati and found a Cici’s pizza (for those not in the know, its an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet for $5 bucks) and a hotel with an indoor pool. Nothing like drowning your missed show sorrows in a hot pool with a belly full of cheap pizza. Got to stop at Shake It Records in Cincinnati, easily the best record store in the Midwest. Somehow I only spent $74 dollars.

Stuff we’re spinning in the car: Wu Tang Clan, The W; Brian Eno, Before and After Science; a tribute to the Monkees I found in a dollar bin; This Heat, Deceit.
-Brian Whitney


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