Pigs on Ice Tour Diary: Day 3

Day started off with promise – a trip to an elusive Sonic restaurant.

A Frito chili cheese wrap is more delicious than believed. A van of full of happy campers blasting Devo heads north, where we encounter the following scene: a large dead dog, possibly a Mastiff, laying prostrate in the middle of the highway, followed 100 yards later by a crying woman in an SUV. Those in the front of the van put together the tragedy that has occurred and grow somber. The back misses the entire event and continues their good spirits. Awkwardness ensues. The Devo comes out and Coltrane goes in; it seems inappropriate to listen to bouncy punk after what we just saw.

Last night’s show was bad (forced to play first, watched by four people, two of whom left mid-set) but it could always be worse.
-Brian Whitney


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