Tour Diary: Pigs on Ice

Fan-Belt contributor Brian Whitney is on tour with his band Pigs on Ice. He’ll be checking in from the road occasionally whenever he can get a Wi-Fi connection.

Day 1 – Bloomington, Ill. (editors note: this is the second Bloomington reference of the week on this blog.)

And so begins the pigs on ice winter 08 tour. right now i’m surrounded by the sleeping forms of about ten people, most of them participants in last night’s endeavors. besides myself, our staff consists of:
Isaac-light show
As well as our friend Beau who performs drony loops under the name Anvil Dome as an intro to our set. Last night went alright; we got here late after bad MapQuest directions gave us a full tour of the greater Hales Corners area (if you plan to visit, there’s a delicious A&W restaurant.) I drank a bottle of red wine before we played, which I’m told is great for my heart. Not so much for guitar skill though. We had to cut a song for time, possibly because I offended some by complaining about them “doing the standing still.” Oh well. Tomorrow night is Carbondale. The original show we booked was canceled due to a flooded basement; we hope to jump on something last minute.

Until Then,
Brian Whitney

p.s. Thanks to all who came to our kickoff show at the Ynot III. It was a memorable one for many reasons, most of them good.


One Response to “Tour Diary: Pigs on Ice”

  1. j a m i e Says:

    poor lost cross and their floods. some bands actually play IN THE WATER, but it’s not advised to do so with your electrical equipment.

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