Interview: Cake (part two)

Photo from Google
Interview by Tim Cigelske

Earlier this month, we posted part one of Tim Cigelske’s interview with Vince DiFiore of Cake, who is playing New Year’s Eve at the Riverside Theater. Here’s part two.

F-B: I asked friends and others on Facebook and Twitter to contribute questions for this interview, so here goes those questions. Have you seen the site that theorizes that John is, in fact, Satan? I’d like to know if he is or not.

Vince: We have seen that. it’s a pretty great site. Somebody put a lot of thought in that. But John is not the devil. John is one of those deep thinkers who thinks that everyone is the devil and all of our religious talk is really talk of the self — all these archetypes have to do with each individual. we’re projecting those ideas because they are part of the human experience. So john is no more the devil than anyone else.

F-B: Would they ever co-host with Oprah, and if so what would the topic be?

Vince: Wow. Maybe a show about what is the new generation’s perception of the world. Things are really rolling forward but I wonder what is the actual worldview of people in their 20s. What do they think life has to offer them and what do they think they can offer the world? I think that hasn’t been articulated. But leaders are going to come out of that generation and I wonder what kind of strategies they’re going to use to make their mark on society.

F-B: Is “Short Skirt/Long Jacket” about Ally McBeal, Dana Scully, Teri Hatcher in “Lois and Clark” or all of the above?

Vince: Probably all of the above. I think it’s a metaphor for hope – you can have excitement, kind of an insured excitement. John rarely explains his songs but he said this song was about the economy. The fashions change as the economy changes. And if the fashion is short skirts and long jackets then the economy is usually doing well. As the GNP rises so do hemlines.

F-B: Tennis or Ultimate Fighting? (Ed Note: Cake has a poll on their website asking the simple question: Ultimate fighting or tennis?)

Vince: For me, ultimate fighting is so compelling it’s hard to take your eyes off it. But it gives you that feeling when you’re surfing YouTube and see skateboarding accidents and it gives you that queasy feeling. So I’m going to have to go with tennis. There’s still that punching action but it leaves you feeling more mellow. Last time I checked our audience preferred tennis 65-35 percent. No one’s holding us accountable and we’re not asking for government grants. All of our polls are so absurdly unscientific but still insightful.


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