Top Five of 2008: Milan Zori

Milan Zori aka Dwellephant is a founding member of Fan-Belt Milwaukee. Here’s his top five (…) of 2008.

1. Csokolom – May I Kiss Your Hand
The good news: I actually made an album of the year choice, and this is it.
The bad news: It came out a decade ago. Sorry, 2008. Blame Everything is Illuminated. The soundtrack made me feel like a kid again, sitting in my grandmother’s house, hearing my grandfather listen to the old Belgrade radio shows in his bedroom. And this album does, too– ten-fold.

2. Mos Def vs. KHB
While the rest of list-making America rides Lil’ Wayne’s nuts, I’m splitting my hip-hop of the year votes between Mos Def and KingHellBastard.

Mighty Mos made his long overdue recorded return with “Life in Marvelous Times”. And save for a bad marketing decision to toss this one out there on Election Day (when no one in their right mind was paying attention to hot new legal downloads), everything else about this song is greatness.

Likewise, the highly underrated, hardest working crew known as KingHellBastard brought Coolzey and Sadat X to join the fam on “The Crew Again” Coolzey and X sound right at home with Shemp, Dana and DNA. And that beat? Good lawd… Dilla would be proud.

3. Megafaun @ Amy and Ryan’s wedding
With two songs left in their final set, the band abandoned their amplifiers and stood side by side in front of their equipment, easing into “Drains.” Spontaneously, as they were playing, everyone in attendance stood next to one another, arms around their neighbors, forming a half circle around the band. Everyone was standing there, buzzed on the moment, rocking back and forth, singing along to one of the most beautiful songs ever written. (And in a not-at-all-lame-Cameron-Crowe-movie kind of way.)

When the last note was played, the band paused, looked, then asked, “Who ARE you people?”

If I can top this experience in my lifetime, I’ll be a lucky man.

4. Vic Ruggiero – Something in my Blindspot
This record is probably the reason I still haven’t heard that Bon Iver record everyone has a boner for. It came out in February, and never left my stereo. (For the record, neither has the OTHER record he recorded this year, with his band The Slackers.) It’s a blues-rooted genre-bouncing collection of extremely well-written songs. The kind of record every good singer-songwriter hopes the record at some point in their career.

5. The crowd at Global Union (Humboldt Park, Milwaukee, WI)
This year, it rained. Not just any rain, either. A cold, nasty, uncomfortable rain. And for an outdoor festival on a grassy hill, this is a nightmare.

Unless you’re in Milwaukee, apparently.

In a true show of absolute fucking resiliency, the Global Union-goers were not at all deterred. In fact, on both days, people kept coming to the show, rather than leaving. Which made me prouder than proud that we’re not a bunch of prima-donnas who will let a little WATER prevent us from watching some once-in-a-lifetime live shows.

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