Top Five of 2008: Justin Shady’s records

Author Wayne Chinsang/Justin Shady is an expert observer of, well, everything. He’s a Milwaukee native living in L.A., where he writes The Blarg, and novels and musings about Drew Peterson’s wiener.

Nine Inch Nails, The Slip
Trent Reznor used to give fans new material every five to seven years. Now it seems like he’s releasing new music every other month. To the absolute delight of fans, “The Slip” was released without any warning in the spring. And not only is it a solid NIN album, but it’s also free! From Trent himself on the day it was posted on their site: “This one’s on me.”

The Mighty Underdogs, Droppin’ Science Fiction
Lateef the Truth Speaker, Headnodic and the Gift of Gab combine their hip-hop powers to create this super group of rock ‘n’ soul. Lateef and Gab provide the knowledge, and Headnodic the production for an album that remains rooted in the history of the sound while not being afraid of breaking new ground. And with guest spots from the Marley boys, MF Doom, Lyrics Born, DJ Shadow, Chali 2na and more, what’s there not to like?

Man Man, Rabbit Habits
My good friend Tiggins turned me onto Man Man this year, and they’ve quickly become regulars in my CD player. “Rabbit Habits” sounds like the product of drunken Muppets banging on pots, pans and anything else they can get their felty little hands on. It would be the perfect soundtrack for a bearded burlesque show in a Southern Baptist church. There. Figure that one out.

Mike Patton, A Perfect Place
When he’s not busy creating creature sounds for blockbuster movies, or making music for any one of his countless projects, the disgustingly talented Mike Patton likes to do sweet little side projects like “A Perfect Place.” Patton turned composer to create a dark instrumental soundtrack for this haunting short film. The result is what you’d expect from Patton: eerily perfect.

Atmosphere, When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold
I always liked Atmosphere, but never found myself being in love with them like everyone else. With this album, however, the Minneapolis duo of Slug and Ant have somewhat left the Atmosphere path of old and strayed off into new territories. With this release, Ant concentrates more on live instrumentation as opposed to turntables and samples, and Slug is more mature and less introspective, focusing more on the stories of others than the anger or misery of Slug. It’s a fun break from what one would usually expects from Atmosphere.


One Response to “Top Five of 2008: Justin Shady’s records”

  1. Justin Shady Says:

    Shit, I’m a dumbass.

    I totally forgot to include Hot Chip’s “Made in the Dark” on that list.

    Disregard everything else I’ve said. Hot Chip. “Made in the Dark.”

    The end.

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