TGIT: Our Weekend Picks!

Photo by Kat Berger

Friday, December 19th
Collections of Colonies of Bees + The Wordplay, Sleep Tight Co. @ The Cactus Club (2496 S. Wentworth), 10 p.m.
Collections of Colonies of Bees make musical magic by creating complexity of sound with a stark and simplistic finish. Brilliantly effortless, their live shows are highly riveting and highly acclaimed, endorsed by tour-mate, Bon Iver, himself. With The Wordplay and Sleep Tight Co.
Photo by Logan Jacobs

IfIHadAHifi + Lord of the Yum Yum, E=MC Hammer, Eat Sugar @ The Borg Ward (823 W. National Avenue), 7 p.m.
IfIHadAHifi are usually the ones to bring the audio and visual assault onstage. They might have a little competition at The Borg Ward on Friday with their showmate, the gangly and always oddball Lord of the Yum Yum. The L.O.T.Y.Y.’s beat-boxing and frantically looped vocal renditions of classical songs “Flight of the Bumblebee” and the “Ukranian Bell Carol” makes for one weird, unforgettable challenge.

Photo courtesy of Google Images

Saturday, December 20th
Lotus Land Records 8 Year Anniversary Party With DJs Andy Noble + Kid Millions @ Mad Planet (533 E. Center Street), 9 p.m.
Lotus Land Records, in honor of their consistently unique purveyance of rare hip hop, soul, jazz and funk for the past eight years, are throwing the mother of all dance parties on Saturday. Leading the party are Lotus Lands’ owners and DJs Andy Noble and John Kuester/Kid Millions. Free food, giveaways and free admission makes this one party not to be missed.
DJ Deadbeat (CD Release) + House of M, Malicious, Case The Joint and KingHellBastard @ Stonefly Brewery (735 E. Center Street), 10 p.m.
DJ Deadbeat, Milwaukee’s newest hip hop radio fixture (as co-host of 91.7 FM WMSE’s Tuesday night show, “The Mad Kids”), sends off his ‘mixtape’ Boombox, showcasing his turntable and beat skills alongside some of Milwaukee’s best beatmakers, Malicious and KingHellBastard. Hosted by A-Biz.


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