Meet Pigs on Ice

Brian Whitney from Pigs on Ice talks about the band’s upcoming tour, the pervasive influence of Talking Heads and his favorite places to play rock shows. He brought a track for us to stick in our iTunes Library (the newest version sucks to navigate, by the way.)

F-B: The bass on this track reminds me a little of ‘Psycho Killer.’ Are you guys fans of Talking Heads/Tina Weymouth?

BW: When i was 5 years old I used to watch the Stop Making Sense video on repeat, so I certainly can’t deny their influence. A lot of the stuff we write is anchored around the bass, too, so i guess we’re sonically lined up with Weymouth and co. On a semi-related sidenote, David Byrne showed up at the Deerhoof show at Turner Hall in October and it was totally surreal.

F-B: I hear you guys are going on tour. It’s winter. Are you crazy?

BW: At this rate we’d be crazy to stay in Milwaukee. We’re going to warmer places, like Lexington, Kentucky and Atlanta. we were originally going with freight, but due to some unforeseen circumstances they can’t go anymore. so, if you’re in a band that has nothing to do from December 27- January 4 and would like to play some shows with us (and can afford to split transportation costs), email me!

F-B: What’s the best place to play in Milwaukee?

BW: Tough call. Franks Power Plant is pretty excellent, and the Riverwest basements Dipping Station, Ground Zero) have been kind to us, but I’d have to say the Vault. It’s the gold standard by which all basements must be measured. We’ve played the Vault more than anywhere else, and Jason and I lived there for a little while, so it’ll always have a place in our hearts.

Pigs on Ice Plays Friday night with Bird Sounds, Possible Fathers and Bored Games at the Vault.

MP3: ‘Pacific Scenarios,’ Pigs on Ice


One Response to “Meet Pigs on Ice”

  1. Brian Says:

    it’s called “pacific scenarios”.


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