Review: The Faint at Turner Hall

Photo by CJ Foeckler/Pabst Theater
Words by Tim Cigelske

Ah, there’s nothing like dance-punk songs about being a cubicle drone to pay the mortgage before death comes for you to put you in the holiday mood.

I’m talking, of course, about the Faint at Turner Hall Ballroom last night.

It was a very Faint-like show, almost identical to their appearance at the Pabst less than seven months ago: Layers and layers of synths. A kick ass strobe light show. Backdrop of animated, disturbing images. Mixture of new album cuts with semi-classic standards like “I Disappear,” “Paranoiattack” and “Drop Kick the Punks.”

Honestly, there’s not a whole lot to add to that.

So I’ll share three hopefully relevant facts about Omaha. Because any music writer is contractually obligated to muse about Omaha if he’s going to talk about the Faint. The following anecdotes come from a summer bike trip that took me through Nebraska:

1. The outlying areas of Omaha is surprisingly and remarkably hilly — and gorgeous. The rolling pastures remind me of the more scenic areas of western Wisconsin. But increasingly those areas are being taken over by relentless sprawl and subdivisions. Suddenly it makes sense that the Faint seems to embrace the seemingly inevitable march of modernity while being freaked out and paranoid about its apparent hollowness.

2. A few months ago, I interviewed the drummer of the Faint, who told me they won’t leave their hometown anytime soon because they all laid down roots there. Everyone in the band had significant others or families. They’d settled down. This seems to explain why the Faint is still really fun to hang out with and a reliably good time, but they aren’t doing anything new and crazy like they were five years ago.

3. While I was in Omaha, I had both an awful and amazing experience. I lost half my luggage that I was carrying with me on this trip, including my wallet and all my money. I was shit out of luck. But the family I was staying with — hosts I met on a cycling website — took me in, fed me, replaced ALL my lost gear and gave me $200 to get home. it was incredible. This proved to me that Omaha residents are good-hearted people. And yes, the Faint thanked the crowd profusely. While it’s not at all unusual for touring acts to praise their host city, my experience led me to believe that they were sincere.


3 Responses to “Review: The Faint at Turner Hall”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    “less than seven months ago”

    try May 2007

    Nice review. Did you even attend this show?

  2. Racerveza - Denny Yunk Says:

    The Faint is like NIN with better melodies and without all the evil.

    No mention of Codebreaker or the, uh, amusing middle act?

  3. Tim Says:

    Thanks for keeping me honest.

    Anonymous is totally right – the Faint was in Milwaukee in May 2007, not May 2008. I was at that show too so I have no excuse for screwing up the date.

    I didn’t get there in time to see Codebreaker, which I’m fairly distraught about. The Show Is the Rainbow was one of those acts that was so embarrassingly terrible that it made you wonder if you were somehow missing the subtle genius, a la the Advanced Theory Chuck Klosterman writes about. But in this case it was just a dude who probably has spent way too much time with his laptop in his college dorm room. He also argued with a few heckler in the audience a lot. Check it out:

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