Meet Roxie Beane

Photo courtesy of the artist

Roxie Beane was voted Best Female Vocalist and Best Acoustic Musician of 2008 by The Shepherd Express. I caught her show at Art Bar last week, and now I know why the votes poured in: her thumping right-hand technique on guitar and rich, dynamic vocals were impressive to say the least.

Fan-Belt: What’s acoustic funk rock?

Roxie Beane: Acoustic funk rock is what I use to refer to my personal playing style. In my experiences, acoustic guitar is typically associated with more folk-based genres. But I’d like to think that I break away from that pattern, and instead rock my covers to a heartier groove with a thump. Playing solo, I have this undying need to compensate for non-existent musicians! Throwing a more beat-driven style onto my playing gives more life to the covers.

F-B: Some of the songs that you interpolate aren’t written for acoustic guitar. How do choose the songs you cover and translate them?

RB: Honestly, I think every song is to be done acoustically on some level. I have a real passion for acoustic sounds, and often find myself searching for acoustic versions of my favorite tunes, both by the original and cover artists. I just love the contrast.

F-B: Who are some area artists you enjoy seeing/listening to?

RB: Lisa Gatewood is definitely a local favorite of mine. Katie Scovell and Marc Ballini are both amazing, and accompany their acoustic playing with more soulful/funky sounds, which I love. Ian Gould, Jennifer Lee, Eric Mire, Debbie Aumen, West of East. I mean, the list could go on. They’re all extremely talented and ambitious local acoustic musicians who really command my attention.

F-B: Who are your favorite guitarists of all time?
RB: Prince instantly comes to mind.

MP3:’Rehab,’ Roxie Beane (Amy Winehouse Cover)

Roxie Beane plays 5 p.m. Sunday, December 21 at Seven Seas, 1807 Nagawick Road in Hartland.


4 Responses to “Meet Roxie Beane”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Very nice interview. I like how you describe your specific style. I look forward to attending an upcoming show. Congrats on the awards!

  2. Dwyer Says:

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    gr8 resrch bro?

  3. Askey Says:

    Great Post…

  4. Richter Says:

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