TGIT: Our Weekend Picks!

Hello, Fan-belt readers — this week our TGIT narrowed things down to three events, not because we’re short on ideas, but more because there are way too many awesome shows to list in a proper amount of space. Keep these in mind as additions to this edition: Peder Hedman Quartet (Friday: Linneman’s), Mother Orchis (Saturday: Cactus Club), Aluminum Knot Eye (Saturday: Frank’s Power Plant), Pezzettino (Saturday: Stonefly) and the Daniel Nathan Band (Saturday: Club Garibaldi). So see some shows, already! Read on…

Image of Northless courtesy of Myspace
Thursday, December 11th
Iron Thrones + Northless, Wholehearted, Savior For a Fallen Hero, Maelstrom @ The Borg Ward, 7 p.m. (823 W. National Avenue)
Minneapolis’ Iron Thrones heads off this blistering dirge at The Borg Ward. Milwaukee’s Northless will undoubtedly hold their own against their cold-weather and guitar/drum-assaulting companions. With a dense and intense wall of noise, capable of dropping to a whisper, Northless is a riveting live act to watch. Earplugs will not be optional for most, but for those who can catch Northless full-on, the dynamic shifts will be an admirable highlight. With Wholehearted, Savior For a Fallen Hero and Maelstrom.

Photo of The Scarring Party by Joe Kirschling
Friday, December 12th
The Scarring Party + Screamin’ Cyn Cyn and the Pons, Everthus the Deadbeats @ The Cactus Club , 10 p.m. (2496 S. Wentworth)
All right. Whoever coined the phrase ‘end-timey music’ for Milwaukee’s the Scarring Party should get some sort of award. It’s one of the most befitting terms to own up to a band’s sound, and has since been used as a tagline for this truly pretty form of sonic Armageddon. Scarring Party (otherwise known as Scar Par) creates ragtime pop music with a sinister overtone hovering like the hazy smoke from the most sparkling of fireworks. Perhaps its the vocal effects compliments of an old-school mic, perhaps it’s the addition of brass and banjo, or maybe it’s the fact that they entitle their songs “Everything I Touched Caught Fire” and “Eat Your Young”? You can decide. With Madison’s Screamin’ Cyn Cyn and the Pons and Indianapolis’ Everthus the Deadbeats.

Photo of Decibully by JW Lawson
Saturday, December 13th
The Onion’s 5 LBs of Christmas: Decibully + John the Savage, Quinn Scharber and the…@ The BBC, 9 p.m. (2022 E. North Avenue)
Five pounds could equal anything: a car battery, a fish or a bag of sugar, perhaps. What else equals five pounds? The Onion knows the answer. They’ve wrapped up various five pound items to give away to lucky attendees for their annual “5 LBs of Christmas” show and are also wrapping up the end of the year with some local music to boot — five pounds of rubberbands never sounded so good except when paired with some extra pound-age, musician-wise. Although we’re not quite sure how many pounds Decibully, John the Savage and Quinn Scharber and the… all pencil in at with their respective instruments, amps and fancy costumes (or unfancy costumes), we’re pre-tty sure it might be more than five pounds. 

The Onion’s Sales Manager Erin Frank talks to Fan-belt’s Erin Wolf about this annual event that brings music and scales together in a completely unique way.

How long has 5 LBs of Christmas been in existence?

This is 5 LBs of Christmas’ seventh year in Milwaukee. It’s been emulated in a few other Onion markets like Chicago and New York sporadically, but it’s been consistently going in Milwaukee for seven years, and this is where the idea started.

How did the idea come about?

My understanding is that it was a collaboration between The Onion and Susan Manske, the general manager at BBC, who has been an amazing, loyal supporter of The Onion over the years. I honestly don’t know how the actual five pounds of prizes idea came about, but the concept is basically a way to throw a holiday party with a bit of an edge that will benefit everyone on board: a cool band that will have a good turnout for the BBC, a fun, different experience for Onion readers, the chance to have your business or product showcased if you are giving away a five pound prize, and finally, partial proceeds go to charity.

Can you disclose what five pound prizes will be available to the attending public?

Most of the traditional favorites are back, such as five pounds of Usinger’s sausage, Jim Beam, WMSE merchandise and CDs, Collector’s Edge comic books, etc. There are some new pizza places on board, and a very *interesting* five pound prize from Tool Shed…okay, it’s five pounds of lube.

Want to get a preview of the show on Saturday? Compliments of Decibully and The Onion, you can stream the entire new and unreleased Decibully record at The Decider web site. Just follow the link *here*.

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